More About Me

Trust the Plan

I am a native of the Pacific Northwest and I was born and raised in Richland WA. I love every aspect of the PNW and I know that my love for this area will be beneficial to everyone that I meet. I have many years of experience in real estate which has lead me to know that this is the industry that I was made for. I love to make people smile and I find that the comfort of knowing you have a home or you were able to sell your home is worth every bit of your huge smile.

I first started in this business in property management . This is where I got my first taste of how great it feels to help find someone a place to call home or help them transition from one location to the next.

I will work hard to make sure that everyone of my clients has someone fighting for them and not against them. I will develop a plan that is appropriate for each client and all I ask is for each person to

  "Trust the Plan"